Casing Head, C-22, Slip-on-Weld Bottom, Side Studded Outlets

Casing Head, C-22, Slip-on-weld bottom without o-ring

Casing Head, C-22-BP, with two lock-down screws for wear bushing retention

Casing Head with removable Base Plate Assembly

Casing Head, C-22, 8rd Casing Thread bottom prep, two 2” LP outlets

Removable Base Plate for Casing Head

UWS C-22 & C-29 Casing Heads

The Casing Head is the lowermost head in a wellhead system. It is connected to the surface casing by one of several possible methods. The upper connection of the casing head is usually flanged and connects to the next wellhead – as well as the BOP’s during the drilling process.


  • Provides an attachment and sealing point to the surface casing.
  • Allows for pressure testing of the weld when a SOW bottom is used.
  • Allows for support and testing of a BOP system while drilling out for the next casing string.
  • Provides a casing hanger load shoulder and bowl for hanging and sealing of the next casing string.
  • The load shoulder & bowl also accommodate BOP test plugs.
  • Provides two outlets for annular access and monitoring.
  • Provides a means for Wear Bushing installation and retention.
  • Can be supported by the conductor pipe via an optional base plate.
  • C-29 bowls available for extreme casing loads.
  • Either bowl will accept a C-21 Casing Hanger for low weight situations.


  • Base Plates are available for all models and installed before shipping.
    • Bolt-on base plates can easily be attached or removed.
    • Various sizes of bottom plates available for all conductor sizes.
    • All bottom plates have slots for cement top-off.
  • Bottom Connection available in the following profiles:
    • Slip-on Weld (SOW) with internal o-ring (outside only weld)
    • Slip-on Weld (SOW) no o-ring (outside & inside weld)
    • Threaded female casing thread
    • Threaded male casing thread
    • Slip-Lock (weld-less) Locks to the casing with slips energized via studs
  • Lock-down Pins
    • Full set of pins to secure mandrel casing hangers (suffix “L”)
    • BP pins (bowl protector) to secure wear bushings while drilling (suffix “BP”)
  • Outlets
    • Threaded 2” LP (LPO)
    • Threaded EUE 8rd
    • Side studded outlets (SSO) with internal VR prep
    • Extended flanged outlets (EFO) with internal VR prep