Tubing Head, TCM, 9” BG bottom prep, side studded outlets
Tubing Head, TCM, with FS-SL high pressure secondary seal installed in bottom
Tubing Head, TCM, with 4-0 secondary seal installed in BG bottom
Tubing Head, TCM, with integral Double P-Seal bottom
Tubing Head, TCM, with Frac Isolation Sleeve Installed

UWS TCM & TC-60 Tubing Heads

The Tubing Head is the uppermost spool in a wellhead assembly. It provides a means to support and seal a tubing string. The upper section has a straight type bowl with a 45 degree load shoulder to support and seal the tubing string by means of a tubing hanger. There is a full set of lock-screws to safely secure the tubing hanger in the head. The lower section houses a secondary seal to isolate the production casing string and provide a means to test the wellhead seals. Threaded or weld-on tubing heads attach directly to the production casing. Tubing heads are available in pressures ranging from 2,000 psi to 20,000 psi.


  • Provides a sealing point over the production casing.
  • Allows for pressure testing of the wellhead seals to isolate the casing strings.
  • Provides a tubing hanger load shoulder and bowl for hanging and sealing of the tubing.
  • The load shoulder & bowl also accommodate a test plug.
  • Full set of lock-down pins to secure tubing hanger
  • ET style pins eliminate exposed lock-down pin threads
  • Provides two outlets for annular access and monitoring.
  • Provides a means for Wear Bushing installation and retention.
  • TC-60 bowls available for dual completions.
  • Accepts Frac Isolation Sleeves for tubing head isolation during high pressure casing frac jobs.


  • Outlets
    • Threaded 2” LP (LPO)
    • Threaded EUE 8rd
    • Side Studded Outlets (SSO) with internal VR prep
    • Extended Flanged Outlets (EFO) with internal VR prep
    • Custom outlets available upon request
  • Bottom Profile
    • BG (blank);  accepts a wide variety of secondary seals
    • O-ring bottom; made to specific casing sizes
    • P-Seal bottom; made to specific casing sizes and must be energized by plastic packing
    • FS bottom (high pressure) made to specific casing sizes
  • Bottom Connection
    • Flanged to bolt directly to casing head or spool
    • Slip-on Weld (SOW) available with internal o-ring; slips over the casing and is welded to the casing.
    • Threaded female casing thread – screws directly on the casing thread.
    • Threaded male casing thread – screws directly in a casing collar.
  • Bowl Profile
    • Standard TCM bowl provides a straight bowl with a 45 degree load shoulder that accepts a wide variety of single completion tubing hangers.
    • TC-60 bowl provides a straight bowl with 45 degree load shoulder with the addition of two alignment pins for dual completion tubing hangers.
    • Custom made bowls are available upon request.