Alann IV

UWS Pressure Sensors

The E-Pilot is a cost effective and reliable microprocessor controlled monitoring solution for abnormal operating conditions. The E-Pilot can be configured to monitor pressure, temperature, or levels and automatically reacts to a detected condition by pulsing an internal solenoid valve which can be piped to an actuator on a well or pipeline to open or close a valve as required. The E-Pilot can operate in one of 2 modes: normal block and bleed shutdown mode with a manual reset, or in Auto Restore mode where the E-Pilot will pulse the internal solenoid valve open and closed between 2 set points. The E-Pilot also includes dry contacts for 2 additional supervised field inputs for extensible monitoring, and the entire system is powered by an internal 14.4V lithium battery back that will provide sustained long term use due to the systems low power consumption.

ePilot Pressure Sensors Features

  • Cost effective solution that will protect equipment and prevent lost revenue
  • Multi-modal operating choices provides the flexibility to operate and meet your critical needs
  • Magnalatch solenoid valve provides a low power consumption solution that ensures the battery will last
  • Intrinsically safe current & voltage levels
  • Manual operation is minimal and only required in certain situations
  • Low battery is visually indicated by an external LED to give you the advance notice needed to ensure maintained operation
  • Manufacturer Warranty is provided to ensure that the original device will operate without manufacturer defect for 1 year from the purchase date

What’s Included

  • E-Pilot Unit
  • 14.4V Lithium Battery Pack (Internal)

Alann IV Pressure Sensors

The ALANN IV Emergency Shutdown System is a Microprocessor based unit with a minimum of 8 field inputs and is expandable in 8 channel increments. The ALANN IV monitors Normally Open contacts, conducts wiring supervision on every channel and provides “First Out” indication using super bright LED’s. 12VDC solar power plus battery redundancy, combined with low power consumption makes this system an ideal fit for remote locations.


  • Solar power provides an off the grid, unlimited power source for the unit
  • “First out” indication when an alarm is detected
  • Audible alarm alerts local operator to abnormal conditions
  • Reset function can be configured to ignore existing alarm until resumption of normal operating process
  • Intrinsically safe current & voltage levels
  • Modbus capability available to provide the A-IV system with an easy link to the outside world via RS232 or RS485 connection.
  • Supervised wiring provides an automated check to confirm field wiring integrity, and can also be configured for alarm & shutdown or alarm only
  • Modules can be paralleled to provide more input channels while maintaining first out indication
  • Solenoid valve can be configured to operate magnetically latched or continuously energized
  • Input circuits are protected from transient voltages generated by field equipment, electrical storms, etc…
  • Cost effective installation with reliable, off the shelf pressure/level, temperature sensors and end devices

Available End Devices

Swichgages: Pressure and Temperature

  • Various ranges from 0-100psi up to 0-10,000psi
  • Various temperatures from 250° F – 500° F

Level Switches

  • Customized length and configuration

Fusible Elements

  • Temperature based fuse, < 200° F

Pressure Monitors

  • Various configurations and ranges

Additional devices available upon request.